The Bacio della Luna winery, producer of Prosecco DOC and Valdobbiadene DOCG, is part of the family-owned wine group Schenk Italian Wineries. The winery is based in Vidor, immersed in the Prosecco Hills recently registered in the Unesco World Heritage, and has about 25 hectares of vineyards cultivated in a sustainable way, respecting nature, and carefully monitoring every step of the winemaking process. From the vineyard to the cellar, our work is carried out with the greatest attention to detail to produce exclusive wines, synonymous with excellence and regional identity.

Delicacy and intensity, glamour and freshness: these are the defining notes of Bacio della Luna wines. A compendium that characterizes the entire Bacio della Luna collection, from the noble DOCG CartizzeProsecco Superiore and Millesimato to the classic DOC Prosecco Brut and Prosecco Extra Dry, and our Prosecco DOC Rosé Extra Dry Millesimato.

Thanks to the quality of its products, Bacio della Luna has carved out an important place in the Italian catering world. Moreover, the brand has an audience of loyal admirers who consider Bacio their favourite Prosecco DOC and DOCG. The same appreciation is also shared by illustrious sommeliers and wine experts who have awarded Bacio della Luna sparkling wines with top marks in the most important Italian and international sparkling wine competitions over the years.


Today Bacio della Luna celebrates its 10th anniversary: a decade in which it has become an expression of the territory and a reference for lovers of top-quality Venetian sparkling wines.

To celebrate this milestone, the winery has produced a special limited-edition bottle dedicated to mark its 10th Anniversary. This wine is the exclusive result of 2 hectares of micro terroir that have given life to only 10,000 numbered and unique bottles.


With a focus on an increasing commitment to sustainability, in recent years the Vidor winery has been working to obtain the prestigious Equalitas certification, which goes alongside the APE certification for energy performance. During 2022, moreover, a change of course towards 4.0 is planned, which will lead to significant energy savings as well as higher performance results.




I love following all the phases of sparkling winemaking from the vineyard to the cellar. 

I organise and coordinate cellar operations to best meet customer demands and ensure they get their products on time with a quality that constantly exceeds their expectations.

simone spagnol


I see my work as continuous research and improvement. I love the meticulousness and passion that we have in the winery, in all departments.

 I like the chemistry and science behind winemaking as this is the foundation for producing complex and refined sparkling wines. 

At Bacio della Luna I always feel at home, as if I was surrounded by my own family.

simone cerantola

Winemaker & Quality Manager

I have always been passionate about producing a wine that is a true reflection of our territory with its traditions and its history At Bacio della Luna, amongst the Valdobbiadene Hills, I always feel I am in the right place.

filippo zanin

Production Manager

I am passionate about the world of wine in all its aspects and as a production manager I get a chance to see how our beautiful wines come to life everyday. 

Bacio della Luna is an exciting place to work thanks a fantastic team who is always very passionate about their work where new professional goals are constantly exceeded.