In the heart of the renowned area of Prosecco Superiore Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG, Bacio della Luna wines find their best expression. Delicacy and intensity, elegance and harmony: these are the notes that we daily use for the production of our sparkling wines. In the respect of the nature, we grow our vineyards according to an eco-friendly philosophy and checking carefully every single step of the production process. From the field to the cellar, every step is carried out with care, to offer an exclusive product, synonym of excellence and identity. This is how the precious collection Bacio della Luna is created, when the scent of tradition meets the taste of quality.



Roberta Deflorian

Sales and Marketing Director of Bacio della Luna


“Beauty is in the flavor of what we love, live and feel. Bacio della Luna wines celebrate every single moment of this beauty, with elegance and harmony, expressing the fine quality that makes every moment special and unforgettable”.

Dario Dellamaria

Oenologist of Bacio della Luna and Plant Manager


“In Bacio della Luna wines stands out the relationship between nature and human work. A unique link typical in these hills, not easy to cultivate but able to produce outstanding grapes that tell, with their scents and aromas, the history and the charm of this terroir”.